Since 2015 I am providing advisory services under the name Alonzi from the French ‘Allons-y’ – Let’s Go!

With over ten years of experience, I deal with all aspects related to (international) sustainable agricultural supply chains. Supporting my clients in designing, setting up and managing their sustainable supply chains. This includes working on strategy, operations, stakeholder engagement and project implementation and management. I take pride in the work I deliver and I stand for its quality.  

Over the years I have built a strong, diverse and capable global network of experts in different fields and at different levels of the supply chain. 

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  • Supporting importers to the US with their processes (design & implementation) in relation to compliance to the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act (TFTEA) which prohibits the import of goods “mined, produced, or manufactured wholly or in part” by convict, forced, or indentured labor into the United States.  For some background on TFTEA check here.
  • Support importers in setting up processes to comply to  Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) mandated by the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). 
  • Market (S&D) analysis, including an improvement plan for the Specialty coffee sector in Rwanda & Burundi. 
  • Support in the development of a multi-country project funding proposal of the Cocoa and Palm Oil sectors in West-Africa.
  • Coordinating the set up of a horticultural Trade Fair in East Africa. 
  • Design, implementation and coordination of different Coffee and Cocoa sustainability projects in Asia and Africa. 



Growing up abroad – Mozambique, Ha├»ti, India – didn’t only give me an adventurous and fun childhood it also clearly set the tone for my career path. Check out my LinkedIn for a detailed resume. 

I started activities under Alonzi in 2016 when I felt confident enough with my network and my skills to start up as a freelance consultant. 

The consulting gives me the freedom, next to the work I do on the great projects of my clients, to also work out my own business ideas in cocoa and chocolate and finalize my Executive MBA, which I started February 2017. 


I focus on all aspects related to building and enhancing sustainable international trade of agricultural commodities and related products, building on my field level experience and my diverse and extensive network both in origin as in Europe. 

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